Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked, or we feel you may ask yourself 😉

Look below for answers to common questions or clarification regarding how this site works, what it is, where it’s going etc. This site is the same as any eCommerce site really, with only a few points that stand out.

Do you sell stock from the UK or do you dropship from China?

No, we never drop ship or sell products that we order from China to be sent directly to you. All products on this site are in the UK, and are sent from the UK via Hermes.

What warranties do you provide?

All electronic products, such as Raspberry Pi’s, LED’s, screens etc come with a 24 month warranty. Just get in touch if it fails and we’ll take it from there. Other products such as cases, have no warranty as they have no moving parts, electronics etc.

I've changed my mind, can I return my order?

Yes, you have 28 days to return the order to us for a full refund, minus shipping. Please note that all products must be unopened and in their original sealed packaging, and in a state to be resold by us.

A good way to return the order for free is to refuse it from the courier, so it comes back to us anyway.

How do I contact

It’s easy to contact me. Just use the live chat function if it’s available, or use the contact form on this website. I always respond as quickly as possible.

Are you based in the UK? Do you offer collections? is based in the UK, but we do not support collections of orders. We are an online only eCommerce platform.

Are you registered in companies house?

No, this site is a personal endeavour and is operated on a sole trading basis. There is a possibility of transferring it over to another registered company I have, but as it is new and doesn’t generate anything substantial, there’s little point.

Are you VAT registered?

No, this site generates revenue that is way below the threshold requiring this. As we serve mostly personal customers, registering and charging for VAT would make all products much more expensive.

I want to buy a lot, can I get bulk ordering discounts?

We don’t order in bulk from our suppliers, so we have no discount to pass on to you if you did order in large quantities.