This website was started and run by me, a Raspberry Pi enthusiast. I like nothing more than tinkering with my Pi’s when I have the time, and I have taken the plunge to start selling products to the Raspberry Pi community.

I like to think that this site is different. For every £1 that is spent on this website, 10p will be put into a pot. At the end of the year (new years eve) I intend to split this pot between local and national good causes that will make a real difference. It won’t be given to charities that pay their bosses six figure salaries.

At the end of 2020, regardless of how much has been made, I will decide on where this money will go. I’ll present a cheque to these causes and get pictures to post on this website.

Visit the Charitable work link on the top bar to see how much is in the pot so far. When the end of the year comes, all of the money will be displayed together with where it is going.

I like to think that a website can be more than just a small business, but can do some real good in the community too.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay.